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Social class: Quiz


Question 1:
Social class, Che Guevara and Socialism are all:
Sociology Social groups Socialism Social divisions

Question 2: The ________, established in 1302 was an assembly whose members were ranked according to hereditary class.
French States-GeneralAncien RégimeFrench nobilityFrench Revolution

Question 3: With the removal of the majority of traditional working class ________ jobs from the market, a new 'underclass', below working class emerged.
IndustrialisationIndustrial RevolutionEconomicsIndustry

Question 4: See main article of below description for Confucian classes: ________
Four occupationsMing DynastySong DynastyTang Dynasty

Question 5: The upper-middle class, while a relatively small section of the population, usually "set the standard" for proper American behavior, as reflected in the ________.
InternetNews mediaPublishingMass media

Question 6: In modern societies strict legal links between ethnicity and class have been drawn, such as in apartheid, the Caste system in Africa, and in the position of the ________ in Japanese society[citation needed].
BurakuminKansai regionTokyoHokkaidō

Question 7: In colonial ________ access to positions of power and wealth were delineated by race.
South AmericaLatin American cultureAmericasLatin America

Question 8: [1][2] In ________ and historical materialism, social class is caused by the fundamental economic structure of work and property.
Karl MarxMarxist philosophyMarxismThe Communist Manifesto

Question 9: This feature of social class is commonly termed ________ in Marxism, a concept which became famous with Georg Lukács' History and Class Consciousness (1923).
Frankfurt SchoolKarl MarxMarxist philosophyClass consciousness

Question 10: Beneath the shogun, ________ or regional lords, administered the provinces through their samurai lieutenants.
Matsudaira clanDaimyoSengoku periodJapan

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