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Social change: Quiz


Question 1: Heraclitan: The Greek philosopher ________ used the metaphor of a river to speak of change thus, "On those stepping into rivers staying the same other and other waters flow" (DK22B12).

Question 2: Social change is a topic in sociology and social work, but also involves political science, economics, history, ________ and many other social sciences.
Cultural anthropologySocial anthropologyAnthropologyCulture

Question 3: A change in social structure: the nature, the social institutions, the social behaviour or the social relations of a society, ________ of people and so on.
Social stratificationSociologyCommunitySocial network

Question 4: The term can encompass concepts as broad as revolution and ________, right down to narrow changes such as a particular cause within small-town government.
Scientific revolutionFalsifiabilityPseudoscienceParadigm shift

Question 5: The term is used in the study of history, sociology, economies and politics, and includes such topics as the success or failure of different political systems, globalisation, ________, development and economic growth.
DemocratizationAnti-communismHelmut KohlLech Wałęsa

Question 6: One source is non-systematic change, such as ________, some kind of technological innovation from the outside, or changes forced by foreign countries.
Little Ice AgeMilankovitch cyclesCurrent sea level riseClimate change

Question 7: Among the many means of creating social change are ________, protest, advocacy, community organisation, community practice, revolution, and political activism.
Anarcho-punkAnarchismLibertarian socialismDirect action

Question 8: Acts of advocacy for the cause of changing ________ in a way subjectively perceived as normatively desirable.
Jürgen HabermasPolitical philosophySocietyDemocracy

Question 9: The resultant changes can effect everything from population to the ________, which, as it so happens, alongside such others as industrialisation and shifting cultural norms and values, are also established agents of social change.
MercantilismEconomicsEconomyKeynesian economics

Question 10: London: ________ Publishers Ltd.
William Morrow and CompanyHarperCollinsNational Geographic WildFox News Channel


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