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Social anxiety disorder: Quiz


Question 1: Research has shown ________, whether individually or in a group, to be effective in treating social phobia.
Thought suppressionImpulse (psychology)Cognitive behavioral therapyEdna B. Foa

Question 2: Generalized social anxiety disorder typically involves a persistent, intense, chronic fear of being judged by others and of being embarrassed or ________ by one's own actions.

Question 3: Cognitive-behavioral therapy for social phobia also includes anxiety management training, which may include techniques such as deep breathing and muscle relaxation exercises, which may be practiced '________'.
BiologyPlantEarth scienceIn situ

Question 4: ________ originally wrote about the evolutionary basis of shyness and blushing, and modern evolutionary psychology and psychiatry also addresses social phobia in this context.
Charles Darwin's religious viewsNatural selectionCharles Darwin's educationCharles Darwin

Question 5: Physical symptoms often accompanying social anxiety disorder include excessive blushing, sweating (________), trembling, palpitations, nausea, and stammering.
FeverHeadacheHyperhidrosisFatigue (medical)

Question 6: In ________, research has indicated that shy-inhibited children are more accepted than their peers and more likely to be considered for leadership and considered competent, in contrast to the findings in Western countries.
Time in ChinaChinaReligion in ChinaProvince (China)

Question 7: Attention given to social anxiety disorder has significantly increased in the ________ since 1999 with the approval and marketing of drugs for its treatment.
United StatesCanadaPhilippinesAlaska

Question 8: A 2006 study found that the area of the brain called the ________, part of the limbic system, is hyperactive when patients are shown threatening faces or confronted with frightening situations.
AmygdalaAnterior olfactory nucleusHippocampal formationOlfactory bulb

Question 9: When prevalence estimates were based on the examination of ________ clinic samples, social anxiety disorder was thought to be a relatively rare disorder.
PsychiatryPsychosisDyslexiaEating disorders

Question 10: Some sufferers may use ________ or other drugs to reduce fears and inhibitions at social events.

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