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Question 1: His theory relies on Feuerbach's The Essence of Christianity (1841), which argues that the idea of God has alienated the characteristics of the ________.
MindHomoHumanHuman evolution

Question 2: This form of alienation was criticized by many of the ________.
DialecticGeorg Wilhelm Friedrich HegelHegelianismYoung Hegelians

Question 3: German sociologists ________ and Ferdinand Tönnies wrote critical works on individualization and urbanization.
PositivismSociologyCritical theoryGeorg Simmel

Question 4: In sociology and ________, alienation refers to an individual's estrangement from traditional community and others in general.
DialecticMarxismFrankfurt SchoolLouis Althusser

Question 5: It is also sometimes referred to as commodification, emphasizing the compatibility of capitalism with alienation (a common theme of the early work of ________; see Marx's theory of alienation).
SocialismMarxismJeremy BenthamKarl Marx

Question 6: This line of thought can be found in Søren Kierkegaard, who examined the ________ and feelings of individuals when faced with life choices.
EmotionEvolutionary psychologyPositive psychologyPsychology

Question 7: André Gorz, ________ and Theodor Adorno, among others.
ExistentialismAlbert CamusGeorg Wilhelm Friedrich HegelJean-Paul Sartre


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