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Social Democratic Party (Romania): Quiz


Question 1: In November 2000 the PDSR was back in power, this time in a coalition named the Social Democratic Pole of Romania along with the Romanian Social Democratic Party (PSDR) and the ________ (PUR).
Social Democratic Party (Romania)National Liberal Party (Romania)Democratic Liberal Party (Romania)Conservative Party (Romania)

Question 2: After the ________ the party entered in coalition with the Democratic Liberal Party (PD-L) and formed a government led by Emil Boc, the president of the PD-L.
Romanian legislative election, 2004Romanian local election, 2004Romanian local election, 2008Romanian legislative election, 2008

Question 3: PSD has been often criticised for harbouring former ________ officials, and for attempting to control the Romanian mass media.
Ion AntonescuRomanian Communist PartyNicolae CeauşescuLucreţiu Pătrăşcanu

Question 4: The Social Democratic Party (Romanian: Partidul Social Democrat, PSD) is a major political party of ________.


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