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Social Darwinism: Quiz


Question 1: This led to the formation of the Monist League in 1904 with many prominent citizens among its members, including the ________ winner Wilhelm Ostwald.
Nobel FoundationNobel Prize controversiesNobel PrizeNobel Peace Prize

Question 2: The term first appeared in Europe in 1877[2] and was popularized in the United States in 1944 by the American historian ________.
Columbia UniversityEric FonerAnti-intellectualismRichard Hofstadter

Question 3: Similar criticisms are sometimes applied (or misapplied) to other political or scientific theories that resemble social Darwinism, for example criticisms leveled at ________.
Cognitive psychologyBehaviorismEmotionEvolutionary psychology

Question 4: Others whose ideas are given the label include the 18th century clergyman Thomas Malthus, and Darwin's cousin ________ who founded eugenics towards the end of the 19th century.
Francis GaltonCharles DarwinKarl PearsonRonald Fisher

Question 5: In that book, for example, the author argued that as an increasing population would normally outgrow its food supply, this would result in the starvation of the weakest and a ________.
OverpopulationMalthusian catastropheThomas Robert MalthusWorld population

Question 6: ________ was heavily influenced by Darwinist thoughts, and novelist Jack London wrote stories of survival that incorporated his views on social Darwinism.
The World Set FreeH. G. Wells bibliographyH. G. WellsThe Time Machine

Question 7: [23] For example, the Jewish philosopher and historian ________ analysed the historical development from a politically indifferent scientific Darwinism via social Darwinist ethics to racist ideology.
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich HegelJürgen HabermasMartin HeideggerHannah Arendt

Question 8: Despite the fact that social Darwinism bears Charles Darwin's name, it is also linked today with others, notably Herbert Spencer, Thomas Malthus, and ________, the founder of eugenics.
Francis GaltonRonald FisherKarl PearsonErasmus Darwin

Question 9: [25][26] ________ supporters have promoted this position as well.
Teleological argumentIntelligent designRelationship between religion and scienceImmanuel Kant

Question 10: For example, it is a theme in the work of Richard Weikart, who is a historian at California State University, Stanislaus and is a senior fellow for the ________ of the Discovery Institute.
Intelligent design movementIntelligent designCenter for Science and CultureTeach the Controversy

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