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Social Credit Party of Alberta: Quiz


Question 1: Interim Leadership of the party was given to Martin Hattersley, an Edmonton lawyer, and later to Harvey Yuill of ________.

Question 2: He soon began promoting it via his radio program on CFCN in Calgary, adding a heavy dose of ________ to C.H. Douglas' original ideology.
Restorationism (Christian primitivism)EvangelicalismChristian theologyFundamentalist Christianity

Question 3: In the ________ by-election on 12 June 2007, the party's candidate Larry Davidson placed third with 11.7% of the vote.
Little BowStrathcona (provincial electoral district)Drumheller-StettlerInnisfail-Sylvan Lake

Question 4: In 1991, Randy Thorsteinson, a ________ activist, was elected as party president.
Conservative Party of CanadaProgressive Canadian PartyProgressive Conservative Party of CanadaReform Party of Canada

Question 5: Manning moved to purge the party of anti-Semitism, which had been an element of its Christian populist rhetoric for years, but had become far less fashionable after ________.
Collaboration with the Axis Powers during World War IIWorld War IISecond Sino-Japanese WarSoviet occupations

Question 6: Due to a quirk in the ________ system, this decimated the Social Credit caucus.
Proportional representationVoting systemInstant-runoff votingPlurality voting system

Question 7: Manning retired in 1968 and was replaced by ________ at the party's first leadership convention.
Peter LougheedDon GettyHarry StromAlexander Cameron Rutherford

Question 8: The government's relationship with Bowen became so acrimonious that in 1938, Bowen even threatened to use his ________ to dismiss it.
GermanyReserve powerCanadaCommonwealth realm

Question 9: The AAPA became the present day ________.
Alberta New Democratic PartyAlberta Liberal PartyCommunist Party (Alberta)Alberta Party

Question 10: William Aberhart, a ________ pastor and evangelist in Calgary, was attracted to social credit theory while Alberta was in the depths of the Great Depression.
ChristianityBaptistChristian denominationEcumenism


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