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Question 1: One of the more notable uses of the social imperialism concept was by the British Marxist historian ________ who argued that World War II was caused by social imperialism.
Nazi GermanyErnst NolteTimothy MasonAdolf Hitler

Question 2: Social-imperialism is a ________ expression, typically used in a derogatory fashion, to describe people, parties, or nations that are "socialist in words, imperialist in deeds"[1].
MarxismDialectical materialismDialecticKarl Marx

Question 3: ________ Communist leader Enver Hoxha agreed with Mao in this analysis, before later using the expression to also condemn China's Three Worlds Theory.
AlbaniansCham AlbaniansAlbanian languageAlbanian diaspora

Question 4: In later decades the most significant use of the phrase has been in the Maoist critique of the ________.
RussiaJoseph StalinEast GermanySoviet Union

Question 5: ________ argued that the Soviet Union had itself become an imperialist power while maintaining a socialist fa├žade[4].
Deng XiaopingZhou EnlaiChiang Kai-shekMao Zedong


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