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Sobek: Quiz


Question 1: In this way, he was seen as a more primal god, eventually becoming regarded as an avatar of the primal god ________, who at that time was considered the chief god.
AmunAncient Egyptian religionEgyptian pantheonOsiris

Question 2: Sobek (also called Sebek, Sochet, Sobk, Sobki, Soknopais, and in Greek, Suchos (Σοῦχος)) was the deification of crocodiles, as crocodiles were deeply feared in the nation so dependent on the ________.
NileWhite NileAlexandriaEgypt

Question 3: This motif derives from the birth of Ra in the ________ cosmogony, and the fact that as a crocodile, Sobek is the best suited to collecting items upon the Nile.
OgdoadThothGnosticismNu (mythology)

Question 4: [1] As a creator god, he was occasionally linked with the sun god ________.
ThothEgyptian pantheonRaMut

Question 5: When his identity finally merged, Amun had become merged himself with ________ to become Amun-Ra, so Sobek, as an avatar of Amun-Ra, was known as Sobek-Ra.
ThothEgyptian pantheonRaMut

Question 6: In other myths, which appeared extremely late in ancient Egyptian history, Sobek was credited for catching the ________ in a net as they emerged from the waters of the Nile in a lotus blossom.
Book of the DeadFour sons of HorusAncient Egyptian religionAnubis

Question 7: In Egyptian ________, Sobek was depicted as an ordinary crocodile, or as a man with the head of a crocodile.


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