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Snuff film: Quiz


Question 1: ________' Less Than Zero
The InformersBret Easton EllisLess Than Zero (novel)American Psycho

Question 2: In 2009 ________ was arrested for allegedly ordering murders in order to boost ratings of his TV show.
Canal LivreBrazilWallace SouzaHitman

Question 3: Italian director Ruggero Deodato was once called before a court in order to prove that the murders of humans depicted in his film ________ had been faked.
Savana violentaCannibal HolocaustMondo CaneUltime grida dalla savana

Question 4: The ________ TV series Dexter features an internet snuff scene.
CBS College Sports NetworkHBOMountainWest Sports NetworkShowtime

Question 5: In 2001 murderer ________ videotaped the killing of Bernd J├╝rgen Armando Brandes.
RohtenburgInternet homicideArmin MeiwesGermany

Question 6: Snuff film at the ________
Jim BarksdaleLife (magazine)Time WarnerOpen Directory Project

Question 7: ________, the controversial game publisher, released the snuff-themed Manhunt in 2003.
Take-Two InteractiveRockstar GamesRockstar San DiegoRockstar North

Question 8: FeardotCom and most recently ________ revolve around victims who are slowly tortured to death live on the internet.
Fracture (2007 film)Frequency (film)UntraceableFallen (film)

Question 9: In the manga series ________, it is later revealed that one of the characters was a victim of a snuff film, rescued shortly before her recruitment.
PhilippinesAnimaxJapanGunslinger Girl

Question 10: After viewing a portion of this film, actor ________ was convinced the murder depicted was genuine and contacted the MPAA, who then contacted the FBI.
Cynthia McKinneyJesse VenturaJuliette BinocheCharlie Sheen

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