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Question 1: There are sexual connotations in the relationship between Katerina and her father-in-law in ________'s 1934 opera Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensk District, but not in the 1865 story it is based upon.
Mstislav RostropovichSviatoslav RichterDmitri ShostakovichIgor Stravinsky

Question 2: Snokachestvo was considered incestuous by the ________ and unseemly by the obschina, the rural community.
Bulgarian Orthodox ChurchRussian Orthodox ChurchGeorgian Orthodox ChurchArmenian Apostolic Church

Question 3: Legally it was considered a form of ________ and was punished with fifteen to twenty lashes.
RapeProstitutionSexual abuseSexual assault

Question 4: One of the first Russian writers to decry snokhachestvo, describing it as a form of "sexual debasement," was Alexander Radishchev, who saw it as an outgrowth of ________.
Russian EmpirePolish–Lithuanian CommonwealthSlaveryRussian serfdom

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