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Question 1: She got another internship, in ________, at St.
Specialty (medicine)Internal medicinePhysicianSurgery

Question 2: The ________ who investigated the case dropped the sexual abuse charge and instead charged Philip with third-degree falsely reporting an incident, a misdemeanor under New York law.
Scots lawLawyerUnited StatesProsecutor

Question 3: Lieberman gave his bride a minnu, a traditional Indian wedding pendant shaped like a gold teardrop with a ________ set in it.

Question 4: In 2003, after the police investigation concluded, Lieberman filed a court petition in New York County Surrogate's Court, which handles ________ matters, to have his wife declared a victim of the attacks regardless of what the police had said.
IntestacyUniform Probate CodeProbateExecutor

Question 5: she signed off and went to drop off some clothes at a neighborhood dry cleaners, then went to a Century 21 where she used the couple's ________ card to buy lingerie, a dress, pantyhose and bed linens.
Goldman SachsCitigroupAmerican ExpressJPMorgan Chase

Question 6: The outing led to her spending the night in ________.
United KingdomUnited StatesPrisonCapital punishment

Question 7: Lieberman doesn't remember it, but thinks he may have awakened briefly to check his ________.
NortelVoicemailAT&TIntel Corporation

Question 8: She took a year off traveling around ________ so the two could graduate together.

Question 9: The two shared creative interests outside of their intended career — he was a musician and she was interested in ________.

Question 10: Later investigation found that someone had called Lieberman's ________ from the apartment at 4 a.m.
Universal Mobile Telecommunications SystemMobile phone4GSmartphone

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