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Question 1: Together with the Megaloptera they were formerly placed within the ________, but now these two are generally regarded as separate orders.

Question 2: The Megaloptera, ________ (in the modern sense) and Raphidioptera are very closely related, and the new name for this group is Neuropterida[2].

Question 3: Snakeflies are a group of ________ in the order Raphidioptera, consisting of about 150 species.

Question 4: In addition, there are a number of ________ forms known only from fossils.
Conservation biologyHolocene extinctionExtinctionEvolution

Question 5: Fossil snakeflies are known from the Early Cretaceous onwards and these are not even the basalmost forms, suggesting their origin lies deep in the ________ at least.
JurassicDinosaurTriassicGeologic time scale

Question 6: They have strong and relatively unspecialised mouthparts, and large ________.
Nervous systemEyeSensory systemBrain

Question 7: Within the endopterygotes, the closest living relatives of the neuropteridan clade are the ________.


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