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Snake River: Quiz


Question 1:
What is the street address of Snake River?

Question 2:
What is Snake River also known as?
Auja or Awja River
Mad River
River Ealees
Lewis River

Question 3: [31] ________, manure and other chemicals and pollutants washed into the river greatly increase the nutrient load, especially of phosphorus, fecal coliforms and nitrogen.

Question 4:
What state is Snake River associated with?
FL, 33313

Question 5: The Snake River was once one of the most important rivers for the spawning of ________—which are born in the headwaters of rivers, live in the ocean for most of their lives, and return to the river to spawn—in the Columbia River watershed.
Shoaling and schoolingPelagic fishDiel vertical migrationFish migration

Question 6: The high hydraulic conductivity of the mostly-________ rocks in the plain led to the formation of the Snake River Aquifer, one of the most productive aquifers in North America.
LavaBasaltIgneous rockFlood basalt

Question 7: Where river depths were less than 14 feet (4 m), the shipping channel has been ________ in most places.
Fishing vesselBulk carrierBargeDredging

Question 8:
What is the mouth of the Snake River known as?
San Joaquin River
Columbia River
Midford Brook
South Branch Raritan River

Question 9:
Which of the following is a right tributary of the Snake River?

Question 10: The basin ranges from ________ to alpine climates, providing habitat for hundreds of species of plants.
Semi-arid climateOceanic climateUnited StatesKöppen climate classification

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