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Snail: Quiz


Question 1: [1] The Greek poet ________ wrote that snails signified the time to harvest by climbing the stalks, while the Aztec moon god Tecciztecatl bore a snail shell on his back.
HesiodDemosthenesHomerAncient Greece

Question 2: The phrase "snail mail" is used to mean regular postal service delivery of paper messages as opposed to the delivery of ________ or electronic mail, which is virtually instantaneous.
Email clientE-mailSimple Mail Transfer ProtocolOutlook Express

Question 3: Snails can be found in a wide range of environments including ditches, ________, and the abyssal depths of the sea.
DesertAntarcticaAtacama DesertSahara

Question 4: Snails were widely noted and used in ________.

Question 5: When the word is used in a general sense, it includes sea snails, ________ and freshwater snails.
Helix aspersaGastropodaPortuguese cuisineLand snail

Question 6: Otherwise snail-like creatures that lack a shell (or have only a very small one) are called ________.
Limax maximusSigmurethraSlugGastropoda

Question 7: This symbolised rebirth; the snail's penchant for appearing and disappearing was analogised with the ________.
Io (moon)Mercury (planet)MoonGanymede (moon)

Question 8: Many snails are herbivorous, though a few land species and many marine species are omnivores or predatory ________.
CarnivoreFood chainHypercarnivoreFilter feeder

Question 9: Most snails have thousands of microscopic tooth-like structures located on a ribbon-like tongue called a ________.

Question 10: [2] More recently, ________ noted that the snail was representative of the self in dreams.
Analytical psychologyCarl JungSigmund FreudJungian archetypes

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