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Smyrna: Quiz


Question 1: The outer harbour was simply the open roadstead of the gulf, and the inner was a small basin with a narrow entrance partially filled up by Tamerlane in 1402 ________.
Gregorian calendarJulian calendarAnno DominiByzantine calendar

Question 2:
What is the native name for Smyrna
Chitrakoot Dham
Ancient City of Smyrna

Question 3: Soon afterwards the ________ established themselves in the town but failed to conquer the citadel.
MaltaKnights HospitallerCrusadesItaly

Question 4: [7] Saint ________ visited Smyrna and later wrote letters to its bishop, Polycarp.
JeromeHistory of the Catholic ChurchIgnatius of AntiochIrenaeus

Question 5: When ________ became the seat of government, the trade between Anatolia and the West diminished in importance, and Smyrna declined.
Hagia SophiaConstantinopleByzantine EmpireByzantine navy

Question 6: Strangers or refugees from the Ionian city of Colophon settled in the city and finally (traditionally in 688 BC) by an uprising Smyrna passed into their hands and became the thirteenth of the Ionian ________.
City-stateItalyMalaysiaVatican City

Question 7: The archaic city ("Old Smyrna") contained a temple of ________ from the seventh century BC.
Greek mythologyDemeterGreeceAthena

Question 8: The core of the late ________ and early Roman Smyrna forms today the large area of İzmir Agora Open Air Museum at this site.
Hellenistic periodAlexander the GreatAncient GreeceHellenistic civilization

Question 9: [citation needed] They uncovered a three-floor, rectangular compound with stairs in the front, built on columns and ________ around a large courtyard in the middle of the building.
ArchItalyArch bridgeTriumphal arch

Question 10: A strong fortress was built probably by the Smyrnaean Ionians to command the valley of Nymphi, the ________ of which are still imposing, on a hill in the pass between Smyrna and Nymphi.


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