Smuggling: Quiz

Question 1: This phenomenon has been growing in recent years as people of low income countries are aspiring to enter ________ in search of job.
Human Development IndexTurkeyDeveloped countryHigh income economy

Question 2: It has been reported that smuggling one truckload of cigarettes within the ________ can lead to a profit of US$2 million.
CanadaPhilippinesUnited StatesAlaska

Question 3: These include the participation in illegal trade, such as drugs, ________ or emigration, tax evasion, providing contraband to a prison inmate, or the theft of the items being smuggled.
RefugeeIllegal immigrationSyriaAzerbaijan

Question 4: ________ (CBP)
U.S. Customs and Border ProtectionU.S. Immigration and Customs EnforcementUnited States Secret ServiceUnited States Coast Guard

Question 5: While "smuggling" refers to facilitating the illegal entry of a person into a State, "trafficking" includes an element of ________.
CapitalismCapital accumulationMarxismExploitation

Question 6: As a result, illegal ________, and the smuggling of weapons (illegal arms trade), as well as the historical staples of smuggling, alcohol and tobacco, are widespread.
HeroinSingle Convention on Narcotic DrugsProhibition (drugs)Illegal drug trade

Question 7: The principal reason for the high duty was the need for the government to finance a number of extremely expensive ________ with France and the United States.
Aerial warfareMilitary strategyMilitary historyWar

Question 8: Similarly, during The Holocaust, Jewish peoples were smuggled out of ________ by people such as Algoth Niska.

Question 9: The word probably comes from the Proto-Germanic verb smeugan (________ smj├║ga) = "to creep into a hole/To slip through".
Old NorseGermanic languagesOld Norse morphologyNorth Germanic languages

Question 10: An estimated 90% of people who illegally crossed the border between ________ and the United States are believed to have paid a smuggler to lead them across the border.

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