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Question 1: The restaurant industry has claimed that many businesses in the states which introduced a smoking ban in late 2007 (________, Baden-Württemberg, and Hessen) witnessed lowered profits.
SalzgitterOsnabrückLower SaxonyBraunschweig

Question 2: In January 2010, the mayor of ________, Massachusetts, Thomas Menino, proposed a smoking ban inside public housing apartments under the jurisdiction of the Boston Housing Authority.
Phoenix, ArizonaBostonDenverAtlanta

Question 3: Carroll and Associates found bars sales decreased by 18.7% to 24.3% in a number of ________ markets following a bar smoking ban.
British ColumbiaOntarioQuebecCanada

Question 4: These bans were repealed in the ________.
Revolutions of 1848Socialist InternationalParty of European SocialistsSocial democracy

Question 5: ________,[15] the Surgeon General of the United States,[16] and the World Health Organization.
Harbor HospitalNational Institutes of HealthJohns Hopkins HospitalGreater Baltimore Medical Center

Question 6: It would move its operations to ________ with the creation of 95 jobs.
Irish peopleNorthern IrelandUnited KingdomScotland

Question 7: Such bans were enacted in Bavaria, Kursachsen, and certain parts of ________ in the late 1600s.
HungaryPolandCzech RepublicAustria

Question 8: Bellows-driven instruments – such as the ________, concertina, melodeon and Uilleann (or Irish) bagpipes – reportedly need less frequent cleaning and maintenance as a result of the Irish smoking ban.
Bayan (accordion)Accordion music genresPiano accordionAccordion

Question 9: Some localities where hospitality businesses filed lawsuits against the State or local government include, Nevada, Montana, Iowa, ________, Kentucky, New York, South Carolina, and Hawaii.

Question 10: A government survey in ________ found that the proportion of the population attending pubs and clubs rose after the introduction of a ban on smoking in enclosed places.
MelbourneBrisbaneStadium AustraliaSydney

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