Smoke on the Water: Quiz

Question 1: The "Funky Claude" running in and out is referring to Claude Nobs, the director of the ________ who helped some of the audience escape the fire.
Rock WerchterMontreux Jazz FestivalRoskilde FestivalSchaefer Music Festival

Question 2:
What format does Smoke on the Water follow?

Question 3:
What is the B side to Smoke on the Water?
"Smoke on the Water"
"Smoke Without Fire", "Syrup & Honey"
"Something In the Water "

Question 4:
What single was released before Smoke on the Water?
"Never Before"
"Night of the Living Dead"
"Days Go By"

Question 5:

Question 6:
When was Smoke on the Water released?
May 1971
1972, single in May 1973

Question 7:
Which of the following genres does Smoke on the Water produce?

Question 8: It is also available on Wii's ________ as a minigame, without Verse 3.
Rayman 2: The Great EscapeRayman (video game)Rayman Raving Rabbids 2Rabbids Go Home

Question 9:
Which of the following labels did Smoke on the Water work with?
Massacre Records

Question 10:
Who wrote Smoke on the Water?

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