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Smithsonite: Quiz


Question 1: Zinc carbonate is used as an astringent and excipient in ________.
ShampooHair conditionerCleanserCosmetics

Question 2: Smithsonite, or zinc spar, is zinc ________ ZnCO3, a mineral ore of zinc.
Calcium carbonateBicarbonateCarbonateCarbon dioxide

Question 3: It is also used as a fireproofing filler for rubber and plastics, as a feed additive, as a pigment, in ________ and lotions, and in the manufacturing of porcelain, pottery, and rubber.
L'OréalHair removalNiveaCosmetics

Question 4: Smithsonite occurs as a secondary mineral in the weathering or oxidation zone of zinc-bearing ________ deposits.
Sedimentary exhalative depositsOre genesisOreHeavy mineral sands ore deposits

Question 5: The distinct mineral smithsonite was first described in 1832 and named for English chemist and mineralogist, ________ (1754-1829), whose estate financed the Smithsonian Institution.
Washington, D.C.ItalyJames SmithsonUnited Kingdom

Question 6: It forms two limited solid solution series, with substitution of manganese leading to rhodochrosite, and with ________, leading to siderite.

Question 7: It commonly occurs in association with hemimorphite, willemite, hydrozincite, cerussite, malachite, ________, aurichalcite and anglesite.
AzuriteNickelineCopperLapis lazuli

Question 8: It has a ________ of 4.5 and a specific gravity of 4.4 to 4.5.
AluminiumCopperMohs scale of mineral hardnessGold


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