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Question 1: Smart antenna systems are also a defining characteristic of MIMO systems, such as the IEEE ________ standard.
IEEE 802.11a-1999IEEE 802.11n-2009IEEE 802.11b-1999IEEE 802.11

Question 2: Smart antennas have two main functions: DOA estimation and ________.
Phased arrayMulti-user MIMOBeamformingMIMO

Question 3: Smart antenna techniques are used notably in acoustic signal processing, track and scan ________, radio astronomy and radio telescopes, and mostly in cellular systems like W-CDMA and UMTS.
Weather radarX bandUltra high frequencyRadar

Question 4: Typical algorithms are the ________, and LMS algorithms [4].
Gradient descentOptimization (mathematics)BFGS methodHessian matrix

Question 5: ________ is the method used to create the radiation pattern of the antenna array by adding constructively the phases of the signals in the direction of the targets/mobiles desired, and nulling the pattern of the targets/mobiles that are undesired/interfering targets.
Phased arrayBeamformingMulti-user MIMOMIMO


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