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Question 1: Small arms is a term of art used by armed forces to denote ________ weapons an individual soldier may carry.
Medieval warfareInfantryMilitary historyAncient warfare

Question 2: ________, general purpose machine guns, medium machine guns, and grenade launchers may be considered small arms or as support weapons, depending on the particular armed forces.
ShotgunUnited StatesFirearmCombat shotgun

Question 3: The description is usually limited to revolvers, pistols, submachine guns, carbines, ________, rifles, sniper rifles, squad automatic weapons, light machine guns, and sometimes hand grenades.
Assault rifleM16 rifleM14 rifleFN FAL

Question 4: [4] For example, much of the ________ action to tackle illegal arms proliferation is raised in the UN Conference on the Illicit Trade in Small Arms.
Israel, Palestine, and the United NationsUnited NationsUnited Nations High Commissioner for RefugeesUnited Nations Security Council


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