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Slugging percentage: Quiz


Question 1: For example, in 1920, ________ played his first season for the New York Yankees.
Babe RuthRoger ClemensJohnny Damon2003 American League Division Series

Question 2: where AB is the number of at-bats for a given player, and 1B, 2B, 3B, and HR are the number of singles, doubles, triples, and ________, respectively.
Walk-off home runRun (baseball)StrikeoutHome run

Question 3: Win–loss record • Pitchers of record • Save • Hold • Earned run • ERA • Complete game • Shutout • ________ • Perfect game • Wild pitch • Passed ball • Strikeout • WHIP
Run (baseball)Grand slam (baseball)No-hitterHome run

Question 4: Run • ________ • Caught stealing
Bunt (baseball)StrikeoutStolen baseHome run

Question 5: However, only Kevin Kouzmanoff, then playing for the ________, has hit a grand slam on his first major-league received pitch, which he did off a Texas Rangers pitcher on September 2, 2006.
Akron AerosCleveland IndiansColumbus ClippersCleveland Indians all-time roster

Question 6: A predecessor metric was developed by ________ in 1954.
2004 National League Division SeriesJoe TorreBranch RickeyJackie Robinson Ballpark

Question 7: [2] ________ applied this principle to his runs created formula several years later (and perhaps independently), essentially multiplying SLOB × At-Bats to create the formula:
Boston Red SoxBaseballBill JamesSabermetrics

Question 8: In ________, slugging percentage (abbreviated SLG) is a popular measure of the power of a hitter.
Major League Baseball Triple CrownMajor League Baseball record holdersStrikeoutBaseball statistics


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