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Slug: Quiz


Question 1: A banana slug, Ariolimax dolichophallus, named "Sammy" is the mascot of the ________.
University of California, Los AngelesUniversity of California, RiversideUniversity of California, San DiegoUniversity of California, Santa Cruz

Question 2: Land gastropods with a shell that is not quite ________, but is too small to retract into (like many in the family Urocyclidae), are known as semislugs.
AdaptationVestigialityNatural selectionEvolution

Question 3: Slugs are ________, having both female and male reproductive organs.
Sexual differentiationSpeciesHermaphroditeIntersexuality

Question 4: Salt can dehydrate and kill slugs by causing water to leave the slug's body owing to ________.
OsmoregulationOsmotic pressureTonicityOsmosis

Question 5:
Many slug species play an important ecosystem role by eating dead leaves, ________, and decaying vegetable material.

Question 6: In a few rare cases, humans have contracted parasite-induced ________ from eating raw slugs.

Question 7: On one side (almost always the right hand side) of the mantle is a ________ opening, which is easy to see when open, but difficult to see when closed.
Respiratory diseaseHuman pharynxRespiratory systemAsthma

Question 8: There are marine and terrestrial slugs, but the ________ "slug" is most frequently applied to air-breathing land species, while the marine forms are known as sea slugs.
GenusNomenclatureBiological classificationCommon name

Question 9: The word "slug" or "sea slug" is also used for many marine species, almost all of which have ________.
Fish anatomyDemersal fishFishGill

Question 10: Slugs produce two types of ________: one which is thin and watery, and another which is thick and sticky.
MucusRespiratory systemLungInfluenza

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