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Question 1: It is worthy of notice that the first proposal for abolishing lingchi was submitted by ________ 陸游(1125-1210) in a memorial to the Emperor under the Southern Song dynasty.
Lu YouBai JuyiDu FuTao Qian

Question 2: The phrase "death of a thousand cuts" is often used ________ to describe the gradual or incrementalism destruction of something, such as an institution or program, by repeated minor attacks.

Question 3: In Robert van Gulik's ________ novels, The sagacious Judge Dee is sometimes required to oversee the execution of criminals sentenced to die this way.
Necklace and CalabashJudge DeePoets and MurderMing Dynasty

Question 4: The first Western photographs of língchí were taken in 1890 by William Arthur Curtis of Kentucky in ________ (Canton).

Question 5: According to the ________ principle of filial piety or xiào to alter one's body or to cut the body is a form of unfilial practice.
ConfucianismChinese philosophyConfuciusHan Dynasty

Question 6: In Amy Tan's novel ________, the first story told by Lena St.
The Joy Luck Club (film)The Joy Luck ClubAdoptionChinese American

Question 7: In the novel Flashman and the Dragon by ________, reference is made to a prisoner being bound tightly in a thin wire mesh through which nubs of flesh protrude.
George MacDonald FraserFlashman (novel)Harry Paget FlashmanFlashman at the Charge

Question 8: In the 1960s British comedy film Carry On up the Khyber, the Qazi of Kalabar (played by ________) orders the punishment of 'death by a thousand cuts' to his British hostages.
Carry On CleoCarry On (film series)Carry On MatronKenneth Williams

Question 9: In Mercedes Lackey's book The Serpent's Shadow, an evil priestess of ________ uses the "Death of a Thousand Cuts" as a method of sacrifice.
Kāla (time)MahakaliYugaKali

Question 10: French soldiers stationed in ________ had the opportunity to photograph three different língchí executions in 1905:

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