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Slovak language: Quiz


Question 1:

Question 2:
What region does Slovak language belong to?

Question 3:
Who of the following spoke at the Slovak language?
over 7 million

Question 4: The ________ (=by/when is formed using the suffixes –úc / -uc / –iac/-ac
Preposition and postpositionArticle (grammar)NounGerund

Question 5: Slovak uses a ________ with small modifications that include the four diacritics (ˇ, ´, ¨, ^; see Pronunciation) placed above certain letters.
Arabic alphabetPhoenician alphabetRunic alphabetLatin alphabet

Question 6: It is closely related to the other West Slavic languages, primarily to Czech, but it also has some striking similarities with other Slavic languages, primarily the Southern Slavic languages and ________.
Macedonian languageSerbo-Croatian languageOld Church SlavonicCroatian language

Question 7: The Slovak language is a descendant of ________ language, itself a descendant of Proto-Indo-European.
Proto-Slavic languageCroatian languageMacedonian languageBulgarian language

Question 8: Czech and Slovak have a long history of interaction and mutual influence well before the creation of ________ in 1918.
CzechoslovakiaCzech RepublicCzechoslovak Republic (1918–1938)Czechoslovak Socialist Republic

Question 9: Note: Jak sä maješ? in Ukraine is often considered to be a ________ version of greeting.

Question 10: The ________ (in Slovak "mäkčeň", "palatalization mark" or "softener") indicates either palatalization or a change of alveolar fricatives into post-alveolar, in informal Slovak linguistics often called just "palatalization".
DiacriticAcute accentMacronCaron


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