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Slovak Republic (1939–1945): Quiz


Question 1:

Question 2: The Slovak-Soviet Treaty of Commerce and Navigation was signed at ________ on 6 December 1940.

Question 3: The liberated territories became ________ part of Czechoslovakia again.
United KingdomDe factoMoroccoUnited States

Question 4: ________ 14 March 1939 – 3 April 1945
FascismAnte PavelićJozef TisoFascism and ideology

Question 5: After the ________, Slovakia gained autonomy inside Czecho-Slovakia (as the former Czechoslovakia had been renamed) and returned its southern territories to Hungary under the Vienna Award.
Polish areas annexed by Nazi GermanyMunich AgreementWorld War IINazi Germany

Question 6: The government issued a number of antisemitic laws, prohibiting the ________ to participate in public life, and later supported their deportations to German concentration camps.
JewsAntisemitismSephardi JewsJewish ethnic divisions

Question 7: See ________ for more information.
SlovakiaFirst Vienna AwardSlovak–Hungarian WarSlovak Republic (1939–1945)

Question 8: The first Slovak Republic's legal existence was retroactively nullified by the World War II victorious allies through the nullification of the ________ and all its consequences.
Munich AgreementNazi GermanyAdolf HitlerPolish areas annexed by Nazi Germany

Question 9: 85% of the inhabitants of the Slovak Republic were Slovaks, the remaining 15% were made up of ________, Hungarians, Jews and Roma.
GermansGermanyEthnic GermansAustria

Question 10: ________ 29 October 1939 – 5 September 1944
Jozef TisoGustáv HusákVojtech TukaJozef Moravčík

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