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Question 1: Navy sloop which served with distiction during the ________.
Chronology of the War of 1812War of 1812War of 1812 CampaignsBattle of Lake Erie

Question 2: In 1805 Lord Cochrane commanded HMS Speedy, a brig-sloop of 14 guns, through a series of famous exploits in the ________.
Indian OceanMediterranean SeaAtlantic OceanPacific Ocean

Question 3: Perhaps the most famous sloop was HMS Resolution, in which Captain ________ made his second and third Pacific voyages.
HMS EndeavourJames CookJoseph BanksMutiny on the Bounty

Question 4: In 1805, HMS Pickle brought back news of the British victory at the ________.
Trafalgar CampaignWar of the Third CoalitionHoratio Nelson, 1st Viscount NelsonBattle of Trafalgar

Question 5: This within months of her commissioning before her own sinking during a ________ storm in October 1814.
Latin AmericaAmericasNorth AmericaCaribbean

Question 6: with 3 masts), is famous as the ship in which ________ sailed around the world between 1831 and 1836.
EvolutionCharles DarwinCharles Darwin's educationCharles Darwin's religious views

Question 7: She captured two British prizes during her cruises to ________.
EuropeBalkansEastern EuropeWestern Europe

Question 8: Thus being the first warship of the ________.
United States NavyUnited States Coast GuardUnited States armed forcesUnited States Marine Corps

Question 9: Navy sloop-of-war which served during the ________ in the California Campaign.
Philippine–American WarAmerican Civil WarMexican–American WarSpanish–American War

Question 10: In 1949, HMS Amethyst, a Black Swan-class sloop of the Royal Navy became involved in an international incident when she became trapped in the ________ by Communist Chinese shore batteries.
ShanghaiHubeiJiangsuYangtze River


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