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Question 1: Tank tops are often worn by athletes in sports such as track and field and ________.
Utility cyclingSustainable transportBicycleCycling

Question 2: In ________, the term vest is used, while tank top refers to a sleeveless pullover.
British EnglishCanadian EnglishAmerican EnglishEnglish language

Question 3: Also known as a wife beater, a shooter shirt is the same design as a ________, but without sleeves and the sleeve holes are not ribbed, but rather hemmed.
Boxer shortsBoxer briefsT-shirtUndergarment

Question 4: In America, it is also known as a wife beater, Guinea tee or Dago tee (from guinea and dago, ________ against Italians).
List of ethnic slurs by ethnicityWhite peopleList of ethnic slursRepublic of Ireland

Question 5: A sleeveless shirt, tank top, singlet or vest is a ________ manufactured without sleeves, or one where the sleeves have been cut off.
Clothing terminologyBlouseCollar (clothing)Shirt

Question 6: A muscle shirt is the same design as a ________, but without sleeves and is usually ribbed like an "A"-shirt.
Boxer shortsT-shirtUndergarmentBoxer briefs

Question 7: The name tank top, recorded in English since 1968, is derived from its resemblance to a tank suit, a style of one-piece women's ________ with shoulder straps.
Boxer briefsSwimsuitBikiniUndergarment

Question 8: In ________, a tank top is a sleeveless T-shirt-like garment that can be worn by either gender.
AlaskaEnglish languageAmerican EnglishUnited States

Question 9: Tank tops have been popular warm-weather casual wear in the ________ since the 1980s, and are regarded as acceptable public casual dress in most warm weather locales.
AlaskaUnited StatesCanadaPhilippines

Question 10: An A-shirt is designed tight fit and made of ribbed ________ or other fiber.

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