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Sleep deprivation: Quiz


Question 1: Sleep deprivation is one of the ________ used by the British government in the 1970s.
Northern IrelandFive techniquesHoodingOperation Demetrius

Question 2: According to a 2000 study published in the ________, researchers in Australia and New Zealand reported that sleep deprivation can have some of the same hazardous effects as being drunk.
BMJOpen access (publishing)The LancetPeer review

Question 3: [but] amounted to a practice of inhuman and degrading treatment", in breach of the ________.
European Convention on Human RightsInternational Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural RightsInternational Covenant on Civil and Political RightsInternational human rights law

Question 4: [53] Many ________ happen to suppress REM sleep, providing additional evidence for a link between mood and sleep.
Tricyclic antidepressantTrimipramineAmitriptylineTetracyclic antidepressant

Question 5: Local doctor Fyodor Koshel, chief of the ________ city health department, claimed to have examined him extensively and failed to make him sleep.
Volyn OblastLvivLutskTernopil

Question 6: In 2006, Australian Federal Attorney-General ________ argued that sleep deprivation does not constitute torture.
Tony AbbottRobert McClelland (Australian politician)Malcolm TurnbullPhilip Ruddock

Question 7: He has a rare abnormality called an ________ where brain tissue protrudes into the spinal canal; the skull puts pressure on the protruding part of the brain.
Arnold-Chiari malformationHydrocephalusDandy-Walker syndromeSyringomyelia

Question 8: The study also found that REM sleep deprivation may alleviate clinical depression because it mimics ________ (SSRI).
Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitorSertralineTricyclic antidepressantMirtazapine

Question 9: [18] The link between sleep deprivation and ________ (psychiatric disorders) was further documented in 2007 through a study at Harvard Medical School and the University of California at Berkeley.
PsychosisMajor depressive disorderPsychiatryEating disorders

Question 10: The ________ ruled that the five techniques "did not occasion suffering of the particular intensity and cruelty implied by the word torture ...
Kyoto ProtocolInterpolEuropean Court of Human RightsCouncil of Europe


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