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Question 1: ________ (and a few other early mainframe makers) used a convention in which the letter O has a slash and the digit 0 does not.
General ElectricHewlett-PackardIntel CorporationIBM

Question 2: In German-speaking countries, Ø is also used as a symbol for ________ value: average in German is Durchschnitt, directly translated as cut-through.
AverageMeanStandard deviationArithmetic mean

Question 3: The slashed zero, looking identical to the letter O other than the slash, is used in many ASCII graphic sets descended from the default typewheel on the Model 33 ________.
TeleprinterTelegraphyComputer terminalRadioteletype

Question 4: The symbol "∅" (U+2205) is used in mathematics to refer to the ________.
Topological spaceSet theoryEmpty setSet (mathematics)

Question 5: It is used as the glyph for the number 0 on character displays in mainframe and some personal ________ to distinguish the letter 'O' from the number '0'.
Personal computerComputerCentral processing unitLinux

Question 6: Yet another convention common on early line printers left zero unornamented but added a tail or hook to the letter-O so that it resembled an inverted Q or ________ capital letter-O.
PenmanshipCursiveLatin alphabetCalligraphy

Question 7: The slashed zero format causes problems for certain ________Ø is used as a letter in the Danish, Faroese and Norwegian alphabets, where it represents [ø] or [œ].
North Germanic languagesGermanic languagesWest Germanic languagesOld Norse

Question 8: Unlike the Scandinavian vowel 'Ø' and the "________" symbol '', the slash often touches the walls of the surrounding O shape but does not extend past them on the outside.
Set (mathematics)Empty setSet theoryTopological space

Question 9: When personal computers started to become mainstream in the early 1980s, it became one of the things associated with the ________ of the time.
Hacker (computer security)Hacker (computing)Hacker ethicPhreaking

Question 10: It seems to have originated as an option on ________ controllers.
IBM 5250Computer terminal3270 emulatorIBM 3270


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