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Slash and burn: Quiz


Question 1: about 9-11,000 years ago), resulting in the extinction of many of prehistoric man's game, such as the ________.
MoaWoolly mammothDeinotheriumMegalania

Question 2: One theory is that it was mainly due to the end of the ________ (ie.
Last glacial periodLittle Ice AgeIce ageLast Glacial Maximum

Question 3: Today the term is mainly associated with tropical ________.
Tropical rainforestPapua New GuineaPhilippinesRainforest

Question 4: Portions of the cut timber or saplings are often gathered to use for firewood or to make ________.
Blast furnacePyrolysisCharcoalCarbon

Question 5: The ecological ramifications of the above scenario are further magnified, because tropical forests are habitats for extremely biologically diverse ecosystems, typically containing large numbers of endemic and ________.
TigerCheetahPolar bearEndangered species

Question 6: Burning removes the vegetation and may release a pulse of ________ to fertilize the soil.
Dietary mineralNutrientNutritionOxygen

Question 7: In temperate regions, such as ________ and North America, the practice has been mostly abandoned over the past few centuries.
BalkansWestern EuropeEastern EuropeEurope

Question 8: Therefore, the role of slash-and-burn is significant in the current ________.
Holocene extinctionHabitat destructionOverpopulationThe Skeptical Environmentalist

Question 9: Historically, the practice of slash and burn has been widely practiced throughout most of the world, in ________ as well as woodlands, and known by many names.

Question 10: It is sometimes part of ________ agriculture, and of transhumance livestock herding.
Southeast AsiaIndonesiaDeforestationShifting cultivation


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