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Slapstick: Quiz


Question 1: Slapstick is also common in animated cartoons such as Tom and Jerry and ________.
What's New, Scooby-Doo?Looney TunesWarner Bros. CartoonsMerrie Melodies

Question 2: Along with the inflatable bladder (of which the whoopee cushion is a modern variant), it was among the earliest forms of ________ that could be carried on one's person.
Industrial Light & MagicComputer-generated imagerySpecial effectMiniature effect

Question 3: ________ also incorporated many chase scenes and beatings into his comedies.
Shakespeare's lifeHamletShakespeare authorship questionWilliam Shakespeare

Question 4: Slapstick is a type of ________ involving exaggerated physical violence and activities which exceed the boundaries of common sense.
DramaComedyComedy (drama)Satire

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