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Skype: Quiz


Question 1:
Skype, Windows Live Messenger and Instant messaging are all:
Videotelephony Social network services 2003 software Linux instant messaging clients

Question 2:
Which of the following genres does Skype produce?

Question 3:
Which of the following platforms does Skype run on?

Question 4:
What was Skype written in?
CodeGear Delphi, / Objective-C, / C++ with Qt4
CodeGear Delphi and Java
CodeGear Delphi, / Objective-C, / C++ with Qt4

Question 5: Skype reportedly uses non-proprietary, widely trusted encryption techniques: RSA for key negotiation and the ________ to encrypt conversations.
Advanced Encryption StandardBlock cipherData Encryption StandardIntegral cryptanalysis

Question 6:
When was Skype released?
August 2003
1993 , 2001

Question 7:
What license is Skype distributed under?
License, freeware
Version 8: Modified Mozilla Public License 1.1, Version 9: Freeware
Freeware with optional adware sponsor

Question 8: is a service that Skype offers in South Africa to customers with ________ mobile service, which can enable Vodafone users to engage in Skype international voice calls wirelessly
VodafoneGoogleGarminIntel Corporation

Question 9:

Question 10: January 30, 2008 — Skype released for the ________ PSP hand-held gaming system.

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