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Sky Sports: Quiz


Question 1:

Question 2: The name Extra rather than Sky Sports 4 was chosen as the original intention of the channel was to ________ sporting events showing on the main channels with the addition of interactive services.
Sports commentaryFox Broadcasting CompanySimulcastNew York Islanders

Question 3: Sky Sports originally began broadcasting of sports events as The Sports Channel in March ________, as part of the British Satellite Broadcasting service on cable, becoming available on the Marcopolo satellite the following month.

Question 4: Sky has sold rights to a highlights package of the Super League to ________.
BBC Cymru WalesBBC SportBBC TelevisionBBC English Regions

Question 5: Sky Sports is the dominant subscription television sports brand in the ________ and Ireland.
CanadaWalesEnglandUnited Kingdom

Question 6:
What picture format does Sky Sports broadcast in?

Question 7: In addition they no longer broadcast Sunday Night Football (previously broadcast on both Sky and five, now five only) and ________ (with five and on Sky in HD, now unavailable on TV in both the UK and Ireland).
Monday Night CountdownMonday Night FootballESPN Sunday Night FootballNFL on television

Question 8: Sky also broadcasts all of the other major professional team events in the sport such as the Presidents Cup, Seve Trophy, Royal Trophy, ________ and Solheim Cup.
The Open ChampionshipWorld Cup (men's golf)Masters TournamentRyder Cup

Question 9: ________, Thursday Night Football, Thanksgiving Classic and the NFL Playoffs were shown in HD from 2008.
ESPN Sunday Night FootballMonday Night CountdownNFL on televisionMonday Night Football

Question 10: NTL and Sir Richard Branson's Virgin, ITV and ________ were some of the big names that launched their own bids.
Five (TV channel)BBCChannel 4S4C

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