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Skink: Quiz


Question 1: Many large genera, Mabuya for example, are still insufficiently studied, and systematics is at times controversial, see for example the taxonomy of the ________, Eumeces skiltonianus.
ArthropodSan Lucan SkinkWestern SkinkGilbert's Skink

Question 2: ________, foxes, possums, snakes, coatis, crows, cats, dogs, herons, hawks, and kookaburras all are predators of skinks.
Gray WolfCougarRaccoonRed Fox

Question 3: Skinks are generally carnivorous and largely eat insects, including crickets, grasshoppers, ________, and caterpillars.

Question 4: Bronze Grass Skink Mabuya macularia at Pocharam Lake, ________, India
MaharashtraHyderabad, IndiaAndhra PradeshTelangana

Question 5: Acontinae
Scincinae (probably ________)
For genera, see text.
CladeParaphylyDNA barcodingCladistics

Question 6: Ctenotus robustus on the walking track at Dorrigo National Park, ________
United KingdomBarbadosAustraliaCanada

Question 7: Skink, Onkaparinga River National Park, ________.
Western AustraliaNorthern TerritorySouth AustraliaVictoria (Australia)

Question 8: Skink, photographed at Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge, ________, USA
North CarolinaMassachusettsNew JerseyFlorida

Question 9: Some are "sand swimmers", especially the desert species, such as the mole skink in ________.
MassachusettsNew JerseyNorth CarolinaFlorida

Question 10: Skink, BSD City, Tangerang, ________, Indonesia.
Central JavaWest JavaJakartaBanten


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