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Question 1:

Question 2: The inability of large numbers of new workers to meet reading, writing, or computational (simple mathematics) standards is an ________ and competitive issue.
Keynesian economicsEconomicsMercantilismEconomy

Question 3: ________ is consistently ranked among the highest priorities for job applicants and employees.
Latin alphabetWritingAlphabetWriting system

Question 4: Skill in oral ________ is a key element of good customer service.
Scientific methodCommunicationMicrobiologySocial sciences

Question 5: ________ skills, communications skills and effective leadership skills are required by more and more non-supervisory employees.
LoveInterpersonal relationshipFriendshipPolyamory

Question 6: There is a direct correlation between the implementation of shared leadership practice and product improvement, higher morale, and ________ problem solving, which leads to a more hospitable environment for instituting change.
ItalyInnovationGlobal Innovation IndexJapan

Question 7: New approaches to problem-solving, organizational design, and product development all spring from the individual capacity for ________.
Arthur SchopenhauerGeorg Wilhelm Friedrich HegelImmanuel KantCreativity

Question 8: Conversely, solid personal management skills are often manifested by efficient integration of new technology or processes, ________, high productivity, and a pursuit of skill enhancement.
CreativityImmanuel KantGeorg Wilhelm Friedrich HegelArthur Schopenhauer

Question 9: The introduction of sophisticated ________ and quality control approaches demand higher mathematical skills.
Social sciencesSociologyManagementEconomics

Question 10: ________ skills are critical for the effective functioning of teams as well as for individual acceptance in an organization.
ArbitrationNegotiationMediationConflict resolution


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