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Ski wax: Quiz


Question 1: Glide wax describes a range of waxes which can be applied to Nordic skis, alpine skis, skiboards, and ________.
SnowboardBurton SnowboardsSnowboardingUltra high molecular weight polyethylene

Question 2: Klister is a semi-liquid which comes in containers similar to ________ tubes.
GingerToothpasteTooth (human)Mouthwash

Question 3: Ski wax is a material applied to the bottom of ________ or snowboards to help them perform better on snow.
SkiSki touringCross-country skiingSkiing

Question 4: Skiing over snow is a combination of both wet friction and dry friction — too much water will create "wet drag" (suction), while too little water will result in "dry drag" (________).
FrictionMassForceLift (force)

Question 5: Grip wax describes a variety of waxes specific to ________ with a classical technique.
Ice skateStreet lugeKayakCross-country skiing


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