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Skeletor: Quiz


Question 1: Panthor is portrayed as Skeletor's ________, being at the right of his throne.

Question 2: Skeletor appears in episodes of the Cartoon Network program ________ voiced by Dan Milano and by Seth Green in one episode.
Whose Line Is It Anyway?Robot ChickenLittle BritainChappelle's Show

Question 3:
Who portrayed Skeletor?
Shadoe Alan Brandt #4
John Barnett
Alan Oppenheimer - 1983
Beatrice Varley

Question 4: He is seen in an anger management meeting with Ling-Ling, Hulk, Yosemite Sam, and ________.
Daffy DuckMarvin the MartianBugs BunnyWile E. Coyote and Road Runner

Question 5: Keldor was taught the ways of black magic by summoning ________, who was trapped in the dark dimension, Despondos.
MosquitorShe-RaHordakEvil Horde

Question 6: In the September 17, 2009 SNL Weekend Update Thursday special on NBC, ________ played the role of James Carville and claimed his look is similar to that of Skeletor.
Kristen WiigJason SudeikisBill HaderWill Forte

Question 7: In "Toy Meets Girl", he commits suicide, which is followed by a documentary on the current condition of other toys of the 80s by ________.
Roger & MeSickoMichael MooreFahrenheit 9/11

Question 8: In "Toyz in the Hood," he was seen with Lex Luthor, ________, and Mumm-Ra in a carpool in a traffic jam.
Baroness (G.I. Joe)Cobra CommanderRed ShadowsDestro

Question 9: In the Doctor Who episode ________,The Doctor compares The Master to Skeletor due to his brief appearances in skeletal form.
The End of TimeJourney's End (Doctor Who)Companion (Doctor Who)The Stolen Earth

Question 10: In the film ________, Ali G describes the main villain to be "even more eviller than Skeletor".
Ali G IndahouseBrünoDa Ali G ShowSacha Baron Cohen

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