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Skeletal muscle: Quiz


Question 1: It is one of three major muscle types, the others being cardiac and ________.
Intrafusal muscle fiberSmooth muscleExtrafusal muscle fiberSkeletal muscle

Question 2: In addition to the ________ and myosin components that constitute the sarcomere, skeletal muscle fibers also contain two other important regulatory proteins, troponin and tropomyosin, that are necessary for muscle contraction to occur.

Question 3: Once a cell is sufficiently stimulated, the cell's sarcoplasmic reticulum releases ionic ________ (Ca2+), which then interacts with the regulatory protein troponin.

Question 4: These fibers are suited for endurance and are slow to fatigue because they use ________ to generate ATP.
ProteinGluconeogenesisCellular respirationGlycolysis

Question 5: ________ is used to determine force and contraction speed at different stimulation frequencies, which are related to fiber-type composition and mix within an individual muscle group.
Action potentialLocked-in syndromeMuscle contractionElectrical muscle stimulation

Question 6: Type I fibers appear red due to the presence of the oxygen binding protein ________.

Question 7: Skeletal muscle cells are excitable and are subject to depolarization by the neurotransmitter ________, released at the neuromuscular junction by motor neurons[2].
Kynurenic acidKetamineDextromethorphanAcetylcholine

Question 8: As its name suggests, most skeletal muscle is attached to bones by bundles of ________ fibers known as tendons.
Lysyl hydroxylaseKeratinCollagen, type I, alpha 1Collagen

Question 9: There are two principal ways to categorize muscle fibers: the type of myosin (fast or slow) present, and the degree of ________ that the fiber undergoes.
MetabolismAdenosine triphosphateOxidative phosphorylationElectron transport chain

Question 10: While the muscle fiber does not have a smooth endoplasmic reticulum it contains a ________.
Endomembrane systemEndoplasmic reticulumGolgi apparatusCell (biology)


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