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Skaro: Quiz


Question 1: However, the Doctor had already pre-programmed the Hand of Omega prior to the Daleks attaining it, and it turned their sun into a ________, resulting in Skaro being completely obliterated.
Neutron starStarSupernovaPulsar

Question 2: "Let's Go (To Planet Skaro)" was the third single released by UK ________ band The Shapes and concerned the wedding reception of the Doctor on the planet.
Punk rockHardcore punkPunk rock subgenresRock music

Question 3: However in the ________ series (possibly set after Skaro's destruction in Remembrance of the Daleks) there is no appearance of Skaro and the Daleks are now operating instead from the Seriphia Galaxy.
Dalek EmpireDalek variantsThe Stolen EarthDavros

Question 4: This presumably takes place in the relative past of Skaro's timeline before its destruction, as the ________ does not comment on it.
Companion (Doctor Who)ShadaEighth DoctorTerror Firma

Question 5: These cyborgs then become the dreaded Daleks (an ________ of Kaleds).
AnagramCryptographySubliminal stimuliPalindrome

Question 6: After an attempt to change history (in ________) is unsuccessful, they terraform the planet Antalin to resemble Skaro and manipulate Davros and the Doctor into ensuring that Antalin was destroyed in the original's place.
Journey's End (Doctor Who)The Mind of EvilDay of the DaleksThe Five Doctors

Question 7: An article by Russell T Davies in the Doctor Who Annual 2006 states that Skaro, like ________, was devastated at the end of the Time War.
GallifreyTime LordDoctor (Doctor Who)Doctor Who story chronology

Question 8: The Daleks, via ________, discover records that show Skaro's destruction.
SpacetimeCausalityFutureTime travel

Question 9: Prior to the rise of the Daleks, Skaro is the home of a humanoid species with two races, the ________ (or Dals) and the Thals.
Doctor (Doctor Who)Dalek variantsDavrosHistory of the Daleks

Question 10: In Genesis of the Daleks,[2] the Kaled chief scientist ________ accelerates their mutations and places the now mutated Kaleds in tank-like "Mark 3 travel machines".
Doctor (Doctor Who)DavrosDoctor Who story chronologyDoctor Who

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