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Question 1: One of the achievements in the video game Brütal Legend is called "Six Degrees of Schafer", after the concept and ________, who was presumably in the handful of players to have the achievement as of the game's release.
Michael StemmleGrim FandangoEscape from Monkey IslandTim Schafer

Question 2: The movie My Date with Drew revolves around average Joe Brian Herzlinger getting a date with ________.
Angelina JolieDrew BarrymoreQueen LatifahMeryl Streep

Question 3: Stuart Maconie on his ________ show on Saturday afternoons has a Six Degrees of Separation quiz in which listeners have to identify the links between six songs/artists.
BBC Radio 2Terry WoganBBC Radio 1BBC 6 Music

Question 4: ________ (played by Leisha Hailey) is the originator of this concept, and indeed the initial chart is shown in her home, on a whiteboard before eventually being translated to the Internet.
Alice PieszeckiShane McCutcheonHelena PeabodyDana Fairbanks

Question 5: However, detractors argue that Milgram's experiment did not demonstrate such a link,[9] and the "six degrees" claim has been decried as an "academic ________".
Character (arts)Mircea EliadeMythologyUrban legend

Question 6: American psychologist Stanley Milgram continued Gurevich's experiments in acquaintanceship networks at ________ in Cambridge, U.S.
Rutgers UniversityBrown UniversityHarvard UniversityHarvard Crimson

Question 7: Six Degrees of Martina McBride was a television pilot where six aspiring country singers from America's smallest towns try to connect themselves to ________ in under six points of human connection.
Martina (album)Martina McBrideTimeless (Martina McBride album)Martina McBride discography

Question 8: For example, Jack's father, Christian, went to ________ with Ana Lucia and later had drinks with Sawyer.
United KingdomAustraliaBarbadosCanada

Question 9: Kochen and de Sola Pool's manuscript, Contacts and Influences,[6] was conceived while both were working at the ________ in the early 1950s, during a time when Milgram visited and collaborated in their research.
University of ParisUniversity of HeidelbergUniversity of Paris 1 Pantheon-SorbonneMedieval university

Question 10: The show ________, although not directly mentioning six degrees of separation, deals with this theme in "the chart" in which all characters are linked via sexual events to others.
Jenny SchecterAlice PieszeckiShane McCutcheonThe L Word


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