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Six degrees of freedom: Quiz


Question 1: The game controller of the ________ contains a "Sixaxis" feature, which makes use of the six degrees of freedom.
PlayStation PortableSony Computer EntertainmentPlayStation 3PlayStation 2

Question 2: ________ arms are often categorized by their degrees of freedom (typically achieving more than six degrees of freedom).
RoboticsAutomatonRobotHumanoid robot

Question 3: [1] Dean Kamen, inventor of the Segway, recently unveiled a prototype robotic arm with 21 degrees of freedom for ________.
National Security AgencyDefense Contract Audit AgencyDARPADefense Human Resources Activity

Question 4: It is used in games such as Descent and its sequels, and to a lesser extent the ________ and Zone Of The Enders games.
Homeworld: CataclysmHomeworld 2Impossible CreaturesHomeworld

Question 5: ________ typically have 30 or more degrees of freedom, with six degrees of freedom per arm, five or six in each leg, and several more in torso and neck.
RoboticsHydraulicsHumanoid robotAl-Jazari

Question 6: Six degrees of freedom is also a gameplay style wherein there is often no ________, and players are free to move in any 3-dimensional direction.
Equivalence principleIntroduction to general relativityGravitationGeneral relativity


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