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Six Ages of the World: Quiz


Question 1: The Six Ages of the World is a ________ historical periodization outline first written about by Saint Augustine circa 400 AD.
ChristianJesusChristianityCatholic Church

Question 2: The Third Age: "For the third age extends from Abraham on to ________ the king."

Question 3: The Second Age: "..extends from that period on to ________, who was called the father indeed of all nations.."

Question 4: It is based along Christian religious events, from the birth of Adam to the events of ________.
JudaismBibleBiblical canonRevelation

Question 5: The First Age: "The first is from the beginning of the human race, that is, from Adam, who was the first man that was made, down to ________, who constructed the ark at the time of the flood."

Question 6: The outline accounts for Seven Ages, just as there are seven days of the week, with the Seventh Age being eternal rest after the Final Judgement and ________, just as the seventh day of the week is reserved for rest.
EschatologyEnd timeApocalypseLast Judgment


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