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Question 1: Sitting Pretty (1948) is a ________ which tells the story of a family who hires a man with a mysterious past to babysit their children.
British comedyRomantic comedy filmAnarchic comedy filmComedy film

Question 2: The film inspired a television series, ________, starring Christopher Hewett, which first aired in 1985.
Mr. BelvedereWhere I Live8 Simple RulesFamily Matters

Question 3: Harry (Young) and Tacey King (O'Hara) have their hands full with their three young boys, so they advertise for a live-in ________.
Child disciplineAu pairNannyParenting

Question 4: A radio adaptation was presented by ________ on February 14, 1949.
James Stewart (actor)Lux Radio TheaterThe Screen Guild TheaterScreen Director's Playhouse

Question 5: Webb was nominated for the ________ for the role of Lynn Belvedere.
Academy Award for Best PictureAcademy Award for Best Supporting ActorAcademy Award for Best Writing (Adapted Screenplay)Academy Award for Best Actor

Question 6: It stars Robert Young, Maureen O'Hara and ________.
Clifton WebbPeter UstinovFrank SinatraWalter Huston

Question 7: Sitting Pretty at the ________
Amazon.comInternet Movie DatabaseBox Office MojoCDNOW


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