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Question 1: The Sitar is often said to have been developed in the thirteenth century AD by "________" from a member of the veena family of Indian musical instruments called the tritantri veena and to have been named by him after the Persian setar.
Amir KhusrowRumiSanaiMasnavi

Question 2:
Which of the following names does Sitar go by?
The Super Destroyers
The Canadian Combatant
Danny Basham

Question 3: However, there is no physical evidence for the sitar until the time of the collapse of the ________.
Timurid dynastyMughal EmpireMongol EmpirePala Empire

Question 4: Shortly after, The Rolling Stones used sitar in "________" and a brief fad began for using the instrument in pop songs.
Let's Spend the Night TogetherPaint It, Black(I Can't Get No) SatisfactionNot Fade Away (song)

Question 5: The sympathetic strings are tuned to the notes of the ________ being played: although there is slight stylistic variance as to the order of these, typically they are tuned:
Carnatic musicKalyani (raga)RagaKambhoji

Question 6: The player should re-tune for each ________.
Carnatic musicKalyani (raga)KambhojiRaga

Question 7: It derives its resonance from sympathetic strings, a long hollow neck and a gourd ________ chamber.
Mechanical resonanceQ factorResonatorResonance

Question 8: Generally, the main playing string is tuned to the tonic of a piece which is called Sa or vaad and the drone strings both to that tone and to the samvaad or second note, which is usually the ________.
SemitonePerfect fifthMajor thirdPerfect fourth

Question 9: Construction of the similar tanpura was described by ________.
Hindustani classical musicTansenAkbar the GreatSwami Haridas

Question 10: As a string reverberates its length changes slightly as its edge touches the bridge, promoting the creation of ________ and giving the sound its distinctive tone.
GuqinHarmonicJust intonationOvertone


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