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Question 1: Some time after the wedding, circumstances forced Rama to leave ________ and spend a period of exile in the forests of Dandaka and later Panchavati.
Mathura, Uttar PradeshHaridwarVaranasiAyodhya

Question 2: A female deity of agricultural fertility by the name Sita was known before Valmiki's ________, but was overshadowed by more well-known goddesses associated with fertility.
HanumanVali (Ramayana)Sundara KandaRamayana

Question 3: She was found and adopted by Janaka, hence she was also called Janaki, king of ________ in present day Nepal and his wife Sunayana.

Question 4: Since she was the princess of ________, she was (and is also) known as Maithili.

Question 5: The second time Sita is shown talking prominently is when she speaks to ________.

Question 6: These legends are significant in that they do not endorse the mainstream view of Sita having been an avatara of the goddess ________.

Question 7: In ________ dharma, every action has results irrespective of the stature of the person.

Question 8: While the ________ mostly concentrates on Rama's actions, Sita also speaks many times during the exile.
Vali (Ramayana)Sundara KandaHanumanRamayana

Question 9: Upon her coming of age, a swayamwara was held to select a suitable husband for her, and she was wed to Rama, prince of ________, an avatara of Vishnu.
HaridwarVaranasiMathura, Uttar PradeshAyodhya

Question 10: However, she had to endure a lot of pain as the Panchavati forest became the scene for her abduction by ________, King of Lanka.

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