Sissy (transgender): Quiz

Question 1: To further illustrate the inclusiveness of the term, individuals who would be considered transvestites, (which by ________, the originator of the term transvestism, is used to describe persons who habitually and voluntarily wears clothes of the opposite sex.
Ernst BurchardMagnus HirschfeldBerlinHomosexuality

Question 2: These sites often include S&M themes and feature erotic humiliation, "sissy training", corporal punishment, and the ________ play (see pegging).
Oral sexStrap-on dildoAnal sexMasturbation

Question 3: Additionally, individuals who identify as a sissy represent a broad spectrum in regards to ________ and to the type of feminine dress and appearance they fetishize.
LesbianSexual orientationHomosexualityBisexuality

Question 4: In transgender and ________ communities, sissy is used to denote men that cross-dress and adopt hyper-feminine behaviors and engage in stereotypical "feminine" activities (eg.
Erotic spankingProstitutionHuman sexualityBDSM

Question 5: A sissy might entirely identify as a heterosexual and only desire to be dominated by a woman, while other sissies might be ________ or homosexual and desire to dominated by a man.
Sexual orientationHomosexualityGayBisexuality

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