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Sisodia: Quiz


Question 1: ________ (1572-1596)
RajputPratap Singh of MewarMewarRor

Question 2: ________ (1572-1596) led a guerrilla war ,along with Bargujar as their main allies, against the occupying armies of the Mughals and their Rajput allies.
Akbar the GreatRorMewarPratap Singh of Mewar

Question 3: Rana Hamir re-established rule over ________ after 23 years of Muslim occupation.

Question 4: The Sisodias still retain their royal titles and Maharana Mahendra Singh Mewar of ________ is still the "royal officiator of Udaipur" (2005).

Question 5: After the capture of Chittaur by the emperor ________ in 1568, Rana Udai Singh II (1537-1572) shifted the capital to the more defensible site of Udaipur, which he had founded shortly before the fall of Chittaur.
BaburHumayunAkbar the GreatMughal Empire

Question 6: Sisodias claim their descent from ________ who was from Suryavanshi dynasty and the hero of the famous Hindu epic The Ramayana through his son Luv like the Bargujar who were their close associates.
SitaBharata (Ramayana)RamaHanuman

Question 7: Historian Sir Jervoise Athelstane Baines states ________ as forefathers of Sisodiyas.
NandaKhokharBagri (clan)Gujjar

Question 8: The Sisodia (also known as Sesodia or Shishodia or Shishodya or Sisodya or Sisodhya) are a suryavanshi Chattari Rajput clan who ruled the kingdom of ________ in Rajasthan.
MewarBundelkhandMalwa (Madhya Pradesh)Vagad

Question 9: In 1303 CE ________ attacked Chittor.In the war all Rajputs in the fort were killed and Rani Padmini committed Jauhar.Some of their kinsmen survived, who were outside the fort.
AfghanistanAlauddin KhiljiMongol EmpireKhilji dynasty

Question 10: One of his kinsmen Sagar Singh was appointed as Rana by the Mughal emperor ________.
AurangzebAkbar the GreatJahangirBabur


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