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Sirenidae: Quiz


Question 1: Sirenidae, or sirens, are a family of aquatic ________.

Question 2: [1] They are ________, although the larval gills are small and functionless at first, and only adults have fully-developed gills.

Question 3: [2] They are also able to burrow into mud of drying ________ and encase themselves with a cocoon of mucus to survive periods of drought.
WetlandPondKelp forestTemperate broadleaf and mixed forests

Question 4: The combined ________ of Siren intermedia species in a Texas pond exceeded the total biomass of the pond's seven species of fish.
BiomassBiofuelEthanol fuelBioenergy

Question 5: [1] In contrast to most other salamanders, they have external ________ bunched together on the neck in both larval and adult states.
Demersal fishGillFishFish anatomy


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